Renovating a home doesn’t have to be expensive or labor-intensive. There are many easy home renovations you can do to spruce up your home without going into debt. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Easy Home Renovations


A coat of paint goes a long way when renovating a home. The right colors have an impactful effect on a home, especially when you paint the interiors with a neutral color and use another color for an accent wall. Preparation makes the job go more smoothly. Buy high-quality paint and supplies and you won’t need as many coats.


New cabinet hardware adds style to kitchens and bathrooms. Pulls and knobs on cabinet doors and drawers enhance both areas of the home without spending much money or time. Browse the internet and your local home improvement store for the perfect fit.

Front Entry

The first area of the house that anyone sees is the front entry. If you want an instant boost to your curb appeal, start here. Several easy home renovations can completely change the front entryway of a home. Consider painting the front door a different color, placing potted plants on either side of the door, and replacing the address numbers.

New Faucets are Easy Home Renovations

Replacing an old faucet is a simple way to transform part of your home that use often but rarely think about. Getting rid of outdated faucets and replacing them with stainless steel, polished bronze, and brushed brass will bring a clean and modern look to kitchens and bathrooms. Choose aerated faucets that will help you automatically save water.

Light Fixtures

New light fixtures will give your home a fresh look without a lot of expense. You can find stylish antique light fixtures at estate sales for a good price or modern options at a hardware store. You can also just replace the light covers instead of nstalling an entirely new fixture.

Easy Home Renovations Include Adding Molding

Any type of molding, whether it’s crown or base, brings a rich and different look and adds value to your home. Molding can also be used to create custom designs. You can frame mirrors, lights, or other areas of a home.

Paint the crown molding before you put it on the ceiling and the same with the base. Painting it first saves time because you won’t have to tape up the edges.

Cleaning and Organizing

Believe it or not, you can give your space a whole fresh look just by deep cleaning your home and organizing your belongings. Get rid of items you no longer use or re-purpose them for another area of your home.

Freshen the entire house by changing out bedding, bathroom and kitchen towels, shower curtains, window treatments, and area rugs. Adding accessories like throw pillows, art, and plants will liven up an area without breaking the bank.

Easy home renovations change the home without a big investment of time or money. Consider using some of the above ideas to update your home.

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