It’s time for spring cleaning to freshen up your home. Let’s look at some spring cleaning tips for areas of the home that are often overlooked.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Entryway Closet

With the warmer weather of spring, think about what you’ll use in your entryway closet. If the closet is packed with cold weather jackets and winter sports equipment, do some sorting and decluttering. Take everything out and give the closet a deep clean. Wipe down the walls, vacuum the floor, and dust any shelving. Return only those items you will need for the warmer months ahead. Winter coats and gear can go into storage.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your File Cabinet

While spring cleaning, go through your file cabinet and get rid of documents you no longer need. You will soon be preparing your taxes, the perfect reason to get your filing system in order. Throw away or shred any documents that you don’t need. Replace torn or worn folders and make sure the folders are clearly labeled.

Your Grill

As the weather warms up, you will use your grill more often. Before you fire it up for the first spring cookout, give your grill a thorough cleaning. Use a stiff brush to loosen baked-on grease. Wipe down the metal grates. Degrease the inside and sides of the grill. Check the hoses connecting the propane tank to the grill to make sure they are in good condition. Clean your grill accessories and replace any parts that are rusty or worn out.

Underneath Tables and Chairs

You wipe down your tables and chairs when you are spring cleaning, but do you remember to clean underneath them? The undersides of tables or chairs can collect dust, grease, and food particles. Take a few minutes to wipe down these hidden areas and, if you haven’t already, clean the floor beneath.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Appliances

The small appliances in your kitchen are used every day, but likely not cleaned every day. During your spring cleaning, take time to give each one a thorough scrubbing. Empty the crumb tray on the toaster and wipe it out. Clean the blades of the blender. Run a sanitizing solution through the coffee maker.

Don’t Overlook Your Electronics

Households electronics work better with regular cleaning. The vents on the back of the television should be kept clear of dust. Use a soft cloth to wipe the screen and wipe down remotes with a sanitizing cloth after removing the batteries. Clean dust, hair, and food crumbs from your keyboard. While tackling spring cleaning tasks, carefully wipe down your cell phone, tablets, gaming systems, and laptop. Regularly cleaning your electronics helps your devices last longer.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Trash Cans

Trash bags leak. Spills happen. Smells linger. These are all good reasons to clean your trash cans during spring cleaning. Take trash cans outside and spray them with the garden hose. Wearing gloves, use a disinfectant to scrub them inside and out. Allow your trash cans to dry before bringing them back inside.

Range Hood

Your stove’s range hood draws steam, smoke, moisture, and odors out of your kitchen. The inside of the hood can develop a greasy film as a result. Use a degreaser to remove the buildup. Clean the filter in hot soapy water for better air flow.

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