Inspection Services

Inspection services provided by Blackbird Home Inspections abide by the strict InterNACHI Standards of Practice and include areas of the property which we can inspect visually and access safely.

Buyer’s Inspection

The Buyer’s Inspection is a non-invasive walkthrough inspection to assess the condition of a residential property and make a comprehensive list of damages and defects. Information from these inspections guides buyers as they make some of the most important decisions of their lives. The following areas of the home will be inspected as long as they can be accessed safely:


  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Basement, foundation, crawlspace, and structure
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fireplace
  • Attic, insulation, and ventilation
  • Doors, windows, and interiors
  • Pool (add-on)
  • Dock (add-on)
  • Septic system (add-on)
  • Well (add-on)
inspection services

Other Services

Pre-Listing Inspection

Our Pre-Listing Inspection services are designed to help home sellers understand the property they’re selling, increase their negotiating power, and make the property stand out more to interested buyers. We will find the damage and defects in the home that sellers should be aware of, giving them the opportunity to repair these as needed before listing.



Situations may come up that require a third and unbiased party to make sure that the agreements between a buyer and seller have been met. We can return to a home we’ve previously inspected to do a Re-Inspection, during which time we check that the agreed-upon repairs have been made.

New Construction Inspection

It is better to find construction defects in a home before the final walkthrough than during it. We offer an unbiased outside perspective during New Construction Inspections, searching thoroughly for issues that the builder should address before the walkthrough.

Mold Inspection

Mold is everywhere, and mold spores are constantly floating through the air. Moist areas of the home can attract mold, causing it to settle, grow, and eventually cause damage to a home’s surfaces. During the Mold Inspection, we search thoroughly for moisture intrusion and mold growth so that the problem can be remedied.

Radon Testing

Radon is a toxic gas that naturally occurs in uranium-rich soil and can rise into the home, becoming trapped. Once this gas collects in the home, it puts those inside at risk for developing lung cancer. Radon is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, so professional testing is required to detects its presence in the home.

Thermal Imaging

We use a Thermal Imaging camera, which allows us to diagnose areas of heat loss by taking pictures of home surfaces, as needed during inspections at no additional charge. This is useful if we suspect moisture intrusion and want to confirm it. We also offer full Thermal Imaging scans as a standalone service. During these scans, we use the camera to assess the home’s energy efficiency by detecting areas of missing or insufficient insulation and more.

Home Appraisal

We offer Home Appraisal services, typically for banks. We will inspect a home’s condition and estimate future repair needs and maintenance to determine the value of the property.

Aerial Drone

We typically walk a roof to inspect its condition and find any damages. However, if we determine that a roof is unsafe to walk, we will use an Aerial Drone to collect high-resolution images of the roof from above instead.

Pool & Spa Inspection

We will inspect your pool and spa to determine the condition of all components that are accessible at the time of the inspection. We will check for safety hazards and inspect for the presence, condition, and operation of related equipment.

Dock Inspection

If you are interested in purchasing a waterfront property, hire us to properly inspect the dock for safety issues, natural deterioration, or improper construction methods.

Warranty Services

90 Day Warranty Logo

If our inspectors determine a structural or mechanical component of the home to be in good working order, then that component will be covered under warranty for 90 days after the inspection.

RecallChek Logo

We take note of the make and model numbers of a home’s appliances during our inspections. You will be promptly notified if any of these appliances are put on a recall list after your inspection.

Platinum Roof Protection Logo

If our inspectors determine that your roof is leak-free and in good condition at the time of your inspection, then the roof will be covered for future leaks for the following 5 years.

Mold Safe Logo

If our inspectors determine that there is no visible mold growth in the home, then you will be covered for 90 days after the inspection in the situation where mold appears.

SewerGard Logo

We can’t see or inspect sewer lines for possible issues during our inspection services. The Sewer Warranty covers you up to $4,000 for damages and defects in the sewer lines going from your house to the street.

18 Month Home Warranty Logo

The 18 Month Home Warranty offers the broadest coverage of your home on the market today and includes components of the home not typically covered by other warranty providers.

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