Buying a home is a financial investment that has many benefits for you and your family. You should protect its value with the right maintenance and care. You can handle many maintenance tasks around your home yourself, and some require a professional. Learning home improvement skills will assist you in being a better homeowner.

Perform a Home Energy Audit

Once you move into your new home, it’s best to plan an energy audit. These audits, which are offered by utility companies, evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. After a full evaluation, the utility company will provide you with solutions for improving your home’s energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home will have lower power bills. Here are some low-cost ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency:

• Lower your water heater temperature.
• Switch from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient LED bulbs.
• Seal up gaps around doors and windows.
• Add more insulation.
• Install energy-efficient appliances.

Being a Better Homeowner With an Emergency House Fund

As a homeowner, you have to be prepared for unforeseen problems that arise with your home. These problems could include AC unit problems, pest infestations, mold growth, and plumbing issues. Starting and maintaining an emergency house fund is an easy way of being a better homeowner. You’ll have the money to promptly fix any problems that arise, which are often costly. With an emergency home fund, there is no need to take a loan or using credit cards to cover the repair costs. You will be prepared to make repairs right away, instead of putting them off and letting them get worse.

Get to Know Your Neighbors to Be a Better Homeowner

Making friends with your neighbors is part of being a better homeowner. Get to know them by introducing yourself immediately when you move in. Meeting your neighbors may lead to the formation of a neighborhood watch group. Neighborhood watch groups work with local law agencies to keep the neighborhood safe.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Dirty indoor air is not healthy for you and your family to breathe. Air filters should be replaced every 90 days. If you suffer from allergies or own pets, replace the air filter every 30-60 days. Replacing your HVAC filter is essential because dirt and dust accumulate in them and make your HVAC system less efficient.

Learn How to Turn Off Your Water Valve

Knowing how to turn off a water valve is important for being a better homeowner in case of a plumbing emergency. You should also locate and learn to shut off the gas lines too.
Turn off your water valve while on vacation to protect your home from a potential plumbing leak.

Learn How to Identify Potential Issues in Your New Home

You should take some time and learn about the common problems homeowners face. Identifying these issues early will prevent further damage to your house. You should look out for issues like:

Foundation problems
• Basement flooding
• Signs of a leaking roof

Being a Better Homeowner, One Project at a Time

Work on one home renovation project before proceeding to another. Instead of starting your renovation projects all at once, prioritize them starting with the most pressing needs.

Being a homeowner is exciting but comes with many responsibilities. With these tips in mind, your house will run smoothly, making you a better homeowner.

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