Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced technology used in home inspections that can detect fluctuations in temperature within a house. It identifies potential problem areas that a visible inspection may not find. Infrared thermal imaging in home inspections is a helpful tool that provides a more thorough inspection.

A professional home inspector will interpret the variations in temperature from the infrared image that indicate hidden issues in the home. It’s a good idea to hire a home inspector who uses thermal imaging in home inspections.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

Infrared thermal imaging gives you a more complete home inspection. Your home inspector will include pictures taken with the infrared camera along with detailed observations from your home inspection. The photographs and explanations will be included in your home inspection report.

What Can Thermal Imaging Detect?

Thermal imaging can detect issues like moisture in the walls, electrical hotspots, inadequate insulation, areas that need to be sealed, and heat loss in the house. Problems like moisture damage, mold, electrical issues, and energy inefficiency can cost you a lot of money if left unaddressed. Some of these issues can damage your home and jeopardize your family’s health.

Electrical Hotspots

Electrical hotspots will show up on an image taken with a thermal imaging camera because as an excessively hot area in your home. The colors may appear as white, yellow, or orange depending upon the temperature. These are dangerous fire risks and should be immediately repaired.

Efficiency Issues

Infrared cameras can also detect energy efficiency and insulation issues. Gaps around doors and windows and missing insulation result in higher energy bills, and it will be more difficult to keep your home warm in winter or cool in summer. These issues can be challenging to detect, and thermal cameras can pinpoint the areas in need of attention.

Moisture in the Home

When infrared thermal cameras pick up water damage or excess moisture in the home, it will appear as an unusual cool spot on the image. If there is mold in the house, thermal imaging helps find the source of the water intrusion so you can have it repaired.

Hire a Home Inspector with a Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging in home inspections is a helpful tool that will give you additional insight into some of your home’s most pressing issues. Home inspectors who use this technology also provide more in-depth data in your inspection report.

To catch as many issues as possible, it’s smart to hire a knowledgeable home inspector with an infrared thermal imaging camera.

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