Your swimming pool is one of the best places to spend time with friends and family on a hot summer day. Even if you have an older pool, there are many affordable swimming pool updates you can make this season. Here are a few ideas to improve the pool so you can fully enjoy it.

Install a Monitoring System

It’s easy to get behind on pool maintenance when you vacation or have a busy week. Unfortunately, once the water quality degrades, it’s difficult to get back on track. Pool monitoring systems are affordable upgrades that test and treat the water. Many modern systems feature app integration so you can check the pool water’s quality and temperature from your smartphone.

Powder-Coated Railing Stays Cool

The pool handrail will heat up in the summer sun. Powder-coated railings are excellent pool upgrades to protect your hands from hot metal. The powder coating sticks to the surface of the metal and reflects heat. Safety features like powder coating are essential if you have young children getting in and out of the pool.

LED Lights are Practical Swimming Pool Updates

If you like enjoying a dip in the pool after dark, LED lights are one of the best upgrades. LED lights are available in every color and style imaginable, and you can install them in or around the pool. Better lighting illuminates the space and boosts safety at night. Many types of pool lights are app-compatible, so it’s easy to change colors or program the lights.

Automatic Pool Cleaners Save Time

If you struggle to stay on top of cleaning your pool, an automatic pool cleaner will do the hard work for you. Automatic pool cleaners remove debris and vacuum the floor and sides of the pool. Beyond saving time and effort, clean and adequately maintained pools have longer lifespans.

Swimming Pool Updates: Solar Cover

Pool covers are essential to slow evaporation and warm up the pool water. They also help keep the pool safer by keeping people from falling in. Solar covers are lightweight, making them easy to install or remove. A solar cover keeps leaves and debris out of the pool, boosts safety, slows evaporation, and keeps the water at a warmer temperature

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