If you have a home swimming pool, you are probably planning to use it frequently this summer. Time spent relaxing by the pool and enjoying your backyard will be stress-free when you follow these simple steps for better swimming pool safety.

Find a Reputable Pool Contractor for Swimming Pool Safety

When you are adding a swimming pool at home, begin by finding a skilled contractor to build a safe and functional pool. The contractor should be licensed, insured, bonded, and current on any local regulations and codes. You can check for unresolved complaints with sites like the Better Business Bureau and look for testimonials from previous customers.

Secure the Pool When It’s Not Being Used

Make your swimming pool safe by installing a fence with a gate that self-closes and self-latches. The fence should separate the pool from the house, have no gaps wide enough for a child to squeeze through, and be high enough to prevent anyone from climbing over it.

If the pool is above-ground, remove all steps or ladders when the pool isn’t being used. Pool covers for any type of pool should be sturdy, lockable, and large enough to cover the entire pool.

To add another level of swimming pool safety, install alarms in the pool itself. These alarms sound when something is moving in the water. Alarms can also be placed on the pool gate.

Behavior Around the Pool is Important for Swimming Pool Safety

Teach your family about safe behavior in and around the pool. Create a list of rules to be followed by anyone using the pool. Don’t allow running around the pool or diving in shallow water. Keep the pool area clear of toys and floats when not in use. Swimmers should avoid drains and other places with suction. Add a drain cover as an extra precaution. No one should ever swim in the pool alone.

Make Sure Family Members Can Swim

Enrolling family members in swimming classes is an important step toward improved swimming pool safety. If a child cannot swim, they should wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket in and near the water. Take CPR and first-aid classes to be better prepared in the event of a pool emergency.

Blackbird Home Inspections will inspect your swimming pool to look for safety hazards and check the condition of the pool’s components. Contact us to request a swimming pool or spa inspection.