Plumbing is one of the most important components of any home. Unfortunately, issues with the pipes and drains are common and can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of unexpected repairs or replacements. Here are a few practical ways to prevent plumbing problems in the home.

Prevent Plumbing Problems by Keeping Drains Clear

Drains can become clogged with hair, pet fur, and soap scum as you shower, bathe your pet, or wash dishes. To prevent clogs and other blockages, use a drain strainer to catch debris so it cannot be flushed down the drain. A strainer prevents plumbing problems and keeps your sink and shower drains running smoothly.

Careful Use of the Garbage Disposal

When disposing of food scraps, it’s essential to be mindful about what you put into the in-sink disposal. Throw grease and fatty foods away instead of putting them down the sink. When these materials cool off after being washed down the drain, they harden and may cause major clogs. In addition, don’t dispose of large chunks of food in the disposal. Instead, compost food products whenever possible. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to learn what you can safely put into the in-sink disposal.

Check For Leaks to Prevent Plumbing Problems

With time, pipes can develop cracks or leaks, eventually leading to costly damage if not addressed quickly enough. It’s important to regularly check for signs of leaking on pipes or fixtures to prevent damage from occurring due to neglect. Plumbing leaks can lead to stains, mold growth, and water damage. If leaks are found in your household plumbing fixtures, hire a professional plumber to repair them immediately.

Insulate Pipes in the Winter

Winterize your pipes to prevent plumbing problems during the colder months of the year to guard against frozen and burst pipes. Insulation protects plumbing that may be vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Purchase and install pipe insulation, especially in unheated areas such as basements, attics, and garages. Heat tape is available to better protect the plumbing if you live in a frigid climate. This tape is applied to pipes and requires electricity to warm the plumbing, preventing frozen pipes and leaks.

While plumbing issues may not seem a major concern at first glance, left unaddressed, they can become much bigger problems. With regular maintenance – including keeping the drains clear and repairing leaks – you can drastically reduce the chances that unexpected plumbing issues will arise. Maintaining the plumbing will save time and money in the long run.

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