Listing your home on the market is exciting, especially when you can benefit from all of the hard work and investments that you made in your property. However, there are some things that every home seller should address before listing to ensure the best possible sale price. When you prepare your house to sell, what steps should you take?

Great Lighting Is Essential

Well-lit spaces are much more appealing, even if the only light you have is artificial. Buyers might not notice a dining room that is beautifully lit, but they will notice one that feels dingy, small, and dim.

Open heavy drapes and blinds when showing the home and photographing it. If possible, increase the wattage of your bulbs and trim back any greenery or shrubs that might be obstructing the flow of sunlight into the space.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Prepare to Sell Your House

If you have not painted your walls since you moved in, doing so as you prepare your house to sell is a great idea. It’s particularly important if some rooms in your home have distinct or unusual paint colors that might not be appealing to everyone.

Choose a neutral tone, like a warm white, a pale grey, or a soft beige. The buyers will appreciate being able to see the space better and having a blank slate to work from should they purchase your house.

Add Some Curb Appeal

Even if the inside of your home is stunning, a drab or dilapidated outside will make a terrible first impression. You don’t need to invest a great deal into making over the exterior of your home.

In many cases, pressure washing the siding to remove dirt and stains, planting flowers for a pop of color, and edging garden beds and the lawn will transform the look of your home as you prepare your house to sell.

Complete a Pre-Listing Inspection When You Prepare Your House to Sell

What you don’t know about your home can come back to haunt you. Most homebuyers will want a thorough inspection if a pre-listing inspection has not already been completed, which means you might not find out about critical issues lurking beneath the surface until your prospective buyer returns with a bad report.

A home inspector will complete a detailed review of your property from top to bottom as you prepare your house to sell so that you know of any issues ahead of time. This gives you an opportunity to fix them before they impact the value of your home. Your inspector and real estate agent will also give you honest advice about what you should consider fixing before listing your property.

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