A cozy fireplace is a great feature in any home, but it’s important to care for it properly. Keep your fireplace safe with these five helpful tips.

1. Properly Deal with Ashes 

Keep your fireplace safe by monitoring how much ash is piling up in your fireplace. A couple of inches can help with a healthy fire, but if the ash layer gets much deeper, some should be removed. 

If the ash level is high enough to touch the grate, it may cause it to degrade. Clear out the ashes in your fireplace regularly and dispose of them in a metal can or your compost pile once they are cool. Leave a layer of ashes of an inch or so to protect the firebox floor.

2. Open Windows to Air Your Home Out Regularly

Airing out your home on a regular basis will help improve its air quality. Using your fireplace makes the air in your home dry which can cause respiratory symptoms. Get into the habit of opening your windows to let fresh air in, especially if you are building fires often.

3. Use the Right Firewood to Keep Your Fireplace Safe

Choosing the right wood to burn in your fireplace is vital. Make sure you’re only burning dry, seasoned wood. Don’t settle for green, wet wood. This type of wood generates a lot of smoke, which leads to creosote buildup and chimney fires.

If you store firewood outdoors, store it in a dry space away from your home and cover the top of it. Wood should sit for about nine months before you burn it. Don’t use your fireplace to burn trash. Many materials are toxic or highly combustible when burned.

4. Have Your Fireplace Regularly Inspected

One simple way to keep your fireplace safe is to have it inspected and cleaned each year. A professional will inspect for damage, clean the fireplace and chimney, and make sure the chimney cap is in good shape.

5. Keep Your Fireplace Safe from Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Fires in the fireplace produce carbon monoxide. It’s important that this dangerous gas is properly vented out of the home. Make sure that the fire is out if you’re leaving your home or going to bed for the night.

Keep your home safe with a carbon monoxide detector. Make sure that this device has working batteries so that it will alert you if carbon monoxide levels in your home have reached a dangerous level.

Fireplaces keep your home cozy and warm in the winter months, but it’s important to keep your fireplace safe by following these basic safety tips.

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