Home inspections provide buyers and sellers with detailed information about the property. Today, technology helps play an important part in this process. Let’s look at some of the uses of drones in home inspection.

More Thorough Roof Inspection

A steep roof or a roof with many valleys is more difficult to inspect. Some of the areas might be out of sight or physically inaccessible. Some roofs are not safe to access on foot. In the case of a storm-damaged or deteriorating roof that needs to be replaced, a drone allows the inspector to safely perform the inspection without walking the roof.

When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, the report will include aerial photographs of the roof. The inspector can take close-up shots of the roofing materials and inspect otherwise out-of-reach places so you’ll get a more complete picture of the condition of the roof.

Drones in Home Inspection Provide High-Resolution Images

Your inspection report will contain comments as well as pictures that document the findings. When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, your report will also contain high-resolution photographs that show problems and defects with the roof.

The ability to capture images of hard-to-reach areas offers the buyer or seller more information about the property. You will be able to see the peaks and valleys of the roof, close-up images of the chimney and flashing, and pictures of any damage to the guttering.

Pictures of the Property

Drone inspections are also helpful for providing a bird’s-eye view of the property. If you’re purchasing a home with acreage, the drone can take aerial shots of the layout of the land. The images provide a complete view of the landscape and surrounding property. Drones can give you a full view of a long driveway, fencing, and outbuildings on the property.

Drones in Home Inspection are Useful for Multi-Level Properties

If the house has more than one story, the drone can take pictures of the siding, windows, and other features on the upper levels. These images provide the inspector with information about the condition of the paint and siding, the state of the guttering, and will help them inspect upper floor windows.

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